SI Software Manager for PalmOS

System requirements

Any PalmOS (2.0 or higher) compatible handheld with serialport.
You will need a small male-male 9 pin null modem adaptor (X) to connect the SI station cable to a HotSync cable or cradle. I recommend to use HotSync cable instead of a cradle.
Compatibility with SI station firmware 2.33 is tested.
To check or synchronize the Palm device's clock to the official master clock you may use any third-party clock application for the PalmOS.


Extract the ZIP file which contains the SIMan.prc file and the documentation. Install the SIMan.prc file with the Install Tool as usually onto your Palm device.


Connect the SI master station and the Palm device. Turn on the master station with the magnet.
Before programming SI stations check the clock of the Palm device. The programmed stations' clocks are synchronized to the Palm's clock!

Find the SIMan application in the Application Launcher SIMan. Tap it to start.

The main form of the application appears:

The top line shows the actual preparation mode (Competition or Training). The radiobutton pairs in the bottom specificate the programming mode. The M/D buttons select and display the Master or Direct mode. In Master mode you program the station connected with the coupling stick to the master. In Direct mode you program the directly connected master station. In Competition mode the Q/F buttons select and display Quick or Full programing mode. In Full mode all the station parameters can be programmed freely. The task of the station can be choosen from a pop-up list. The control's code number can be entered in a numeric field. The ON and OFF dates and times can be given in standard Palm date and time dialogs. The feedback signals can be specified by checkboxes. A checkbox can be used to specify the Autosend function for stations with serial cable.

In Quick mode only the ON and OFF times can be programmed. Other parameters are inherited from the previous programming session of the station. This mode can be used to update the working time of functionally already programmed stations.

From the application's SI station menu you can select the preparation modes.

In the training mode form the stations can be programmed to work in training mode. Here you have to give the working time as a duration. You can specify the functional parametres as in Competition mode.

The programming is initiated when you tap the Write button. You can cancel the programming in the progress dialog showing the state of the programming.
The Turn off button turns off the coupled or connected (master) station depending on the Master/Direct mode.
Tapping the Read button reads and shows the current station parameters and state. The serial number, the software (firmware) version and the current battery charge level are also displayed.

Legal stuff

The program is a freeware, but it is not public domain. Copyright is reserved. The author makes no warranty with respect to the software or documentation and is not liable for any losses resulting from the use of the software. This software is developed independently from SPORTident.