Tud-e valaki reszletes, hiteles leirast, vagy hivatkozast
a TTF fajl formatumarol!

Elore is koszi!

Igen, en valamikor kb fel eve leszedtem az ftp.microsoft.com-rol, kb fel napig tartott mire lejott az a kb 500kb anyag. Le van irva benne minden, de a nagy resze teljesen felesleges. Ha kell, en irtam belole egy rutint ami megjelenit TTF file-bol karaktereket, eloszor pascalban (jo lassu volt), majd atirtam BAssPasC-ra is es optimalizaltam (kb 450 char/sec 640x480-ban). Szeptemberben majd el tudom kuldeni a teljes doksit is (ha kell). A'rpi/EST-Team
Directory of pub/demos/code TTFV4B ZIP TTFV4B.PAS - TTF font forraskod TTF megjelenito v1.4b (C) 1996-97 by GyikSoft/ESP-Team TTFBENCH.COM - a rutin sebesseg tesztje Random 1000 db betut rajzol ki, ehhez meg szukseges fajlok: TIMES.TTF, WINGDING.TTF TTFX ZIP TTFX.C - TrueType font file processing this file is part of the Polyray package
Talan erdekelhet valakit (sajnos kevesen ismerik): The FreeType library is a *free* and *portable* TrueType font rendering engine. This package, known as 'Alpha Release 4' or 'AR4', contains the engine's source code and documentation. - better portability of the C code than in the previous release. - font smoothing, a.k.a. gray-level rendering. Just like Win95, only the diagonals and curves are smoothed, while the vertical and horizontal stems are kept intact. - support for all character mappings, as well as glyph indexing and translation functions (incomplete). - full-featured TrueType bytecode interpreter! The engine is now able to hint the glyphs, thus producing an excellent result at small sizes. We now match the quality of the bitmaps generated by Windows and the Mac! Check the 'view' test program for a demonstrate. - loading of composite glyphs. It is now possible to load and display composite glyphs with the 'zoom' test program. However, composite glyph hinting is not implemented yet due to the great incompleteness of the available TrueType specifications. [...] Source is provided in two programming languages: C and Pascal, with some common documentation and several test programs. The Pascal source code has been successfully compiled and run with Borland Pascal 7 and fPrint's Virtual Pascal on DOS and OS/2 respectively. The C source code has been successfully compiled and run on various platforms including Dos, OS/2, Amiga, Linux and several other variants of Unix. It is written in ANSI C and should be very easily ported to any platform. Though development of the library is mainly performed on OS/2 and Linux, the library does not contain system-specific code. However, this package contains some graphics drivers used by the test programs for display purposes on Dos, OS/2, Amiga and X11. [...] We now have a web page at: http://www.physiol.med.tu-muenchen.de/~robert/freetype.html (Screenshots available) The home site of the FreeType project is ftp://ftp.physiol.med.tu-muenchen.de/pub/freetype There is also a mailing list: freetype@lists.tu-muenchen.de send the usual subscription commands to: majordomo@lists.tu-muenchen.de -- Yoco
Itt egy masik URL is. Ez egy Microsoft-os doksi. Kicsomagolva kb 3 Mega .Doc file !! Igen jo, es reszletes !! Ez a cime az MS mirrorja, celszeru innen letolteni: http://dec2000.faf.cuni.cz/mirrors/gowinnt/developr/drg/TrueType/ ttspec.zip - Sima TTF leiras ttospec.zip - TrueTypeOpen leiras ttsdk.zip - TTF fejleszto eszkozok ttosdk.zip - -"- bajt: Geri_