SI Software Manager for PalmOS

The purpose of this program

SPORTident stations must be programmed to operate correctly during competitions or trainings. Untill now the only way to do it was using a desktop computer or a notebook running Windows. Now you can do it with a handheld device running PalmOS. This solution can be an alternative to the newly introduced Time Master programing station. The advantages of a handheld are obvious:

Small size and weight
This makes it possible to easily carry the programing device. You can pack it together with your SI equipment. It is really mobile, you can even program the control stations out on the terrain without having to dismount and bring them to the event center.
Long battery life
You do not have to worry about electricity. With a pair of batteries you can use the device in any environment.
Easy to use
As like any handheld application this one is also straightforward to use. No special computer skills are necessary to use this program. With some taps you can do the programming.
Flexible solution
As a software product running on a general purpose computing platform it is easy to upgrade or customize this solution.
This program in conjunction with SI Card Reader for PalmOS on a handheld device can be a perfect accessory in the hands of the course building staff. They can do or check the programming of SI stations on the terrain or in other rough environments independently from the SI staff responsible for result services.


The program is tested for compatibility with station firmware v. 2.33. It will be updated to sw 3.00 as soon as I will have access to 3.00 stations. This preliminary version is intended to use for testing the concept and the userinterface.

Get the program

The program can be downloaded from here.

Read the user guide on-line.

Legal stuff

The program is a freeware, but it is not public domain. Copyright is reserved. The author makes no warranty with respect to the software or documentation and is not liable for any losses resulting from the use of the software. This software is developed independently from SPORTident.